The Cleansing

As tears fall like rain, sorrow is felt permeating the air. Her charred and broken soul is cleansed and expressed as the tears fall unheeded. The rain around her washes the filth from the atmosphere, as her broken-heart is healed through tears. The booming Lightning and Thunder are likened to words which strike her from heedless people.

If only we spoke life to each other. After the storm, comes new birth and understanding. So sadness and sorrow bring healing when handled correctly. I once heard that anger is like a tea kettle. It boils and boils until it screams. A little air is not healthy but rather just take it off the burner. If you are in a situation that angers you in an unholy manner because it is selfish, then get off the burner.

That said sadness is part of the healing process. A sensitive soul is not a curse, but rather a gift from God. It’s His mercy gifted. I say this because through the sensitive soul, the world sees a different perspective and the heart of the society is softened.

So let this be my challenge for you. Speak life. Weep when you need to, after all, Jesus wept. Take heart beloved.

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