Heavenly Minded

Set your mind on heavenly things. When you enter a battle, you can do your duty correctly because you have the mindset that boot camp drilled into you. It is the same with the life we live. ( see post) There is a spiritual battle taking place (see my Job posts). That is why God … More Heavenly Minded

Job 2

Chapter 2 — Job’s Health Attacked Starting in verse 3, God brings up Job again in conversation to Satan and says there is no one like Job and that he stills hold fast to his integrity. This indicates he was previously holding on to his integrity, but now he is gripping to it. Integrity is … More Job 2


Chapter 1 —- Introduction and Background As promised, I wanted to share with you my notes on Job 1. The first tidbit I would love to share is from my perusal of the Hebrew meaning of Job’s name. Job, in Hebrew, means hated or persecuted. So, with that little info let us continue to his … More Job