Job 2

Chapter 2 — Job’s Health Attacked

Starting in verse 3, God brings up Job again in conversation to Satan and says there is no one like Job and that he stills hold fast to his integrity. This indicates he was previously holding on to his integrity, but now he is gripping to it. Integrity is defined as upright, moral purity. We know very little of the infliction that was thrust on Job. All we know of it is entailed in various places in the book of Job {2:12; 7:5, 16; 9:19; 16:16; 19:20; 29:2; 30:27-30}. However, the description says he used pottery to scrape the boils and sat in ashes. Some think it means the town trash dump. His wife asks him why he doesn’t just curse God. He responds with shall we receive good from God and not evil. When Job’s three friends show up, they stay with him for seven days and seven nights. That is interesting because the common tradition for mourning for the dead is seven days and seven nights in the Jewish culture.

Fun facts to think on:

  • the phrase “although you incited Me” is a direct throw in Satan’s face because it states that only GOD gave Satan power. He has none on his own.
  • v.4 – skin for skin- is an attack Satan uses on many people
    • David (Bathsheba), Abraham (Sarah in Egypt), Peter (denied Jesus)
    • But it didn’t work for Job.

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