Heavenly Minded

Set your mind on heavenly things.

When you enter a battle, you can do your duty correctly because you have the mindset that boot camp drilled into you. It is the same with the life we live. ( see post) There is a spiritual battle taking place (see my Job posts). That is why God commands us to put on the helmet of salvation. We need to be constantly wrapping our brains, along with protecting our thoughts, with the concept of salvation. We are to set our minds on heavenly things since we are of a heavenly kingdom. Put more plainly, we need to get our mindset straight and set on which side of the way we are fighting. We need to think about what our sergeants or our commanding officers {AKA: Holy Spirit} drilled into our minds. To fight, we need to enter as a soldier. You won’t win when you act like a child going to the playground. Our world is a battleground, not a playground (credits to the pastor who said this phrase). Get your head out of the ground and into the heavenly places and those concepts.

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