Joel and Revelation 6,19

There is a lot of dispute over when Joel was actually written. Personally, I don’t mind since it seems to be talking about the end of time. Nonetheless, for both our benefits here are two views. With that information, Joel was most likely pre-exilic. Although his book may have been written before the exile, his message seems to relate to the end of times.

Here is why (by the way I use KJV for all scriptures since it is the only correct version – I’ll make a post on that soon :P):

  • The mentioning of the Day of the Lord in Chapter 2 is only seen in the Bible 7 times and those references are in relation with the Day of Judgement.
    • Isaiah 13:6-9
    • Ezekiel 7:2-12; 12:22-28
    • Amos 5:18,20
    • Zephaniah 1:14-18
    • Luke 19:41-44
    • James 5:9
    • Revelation 6:17
  • Chapter 2 verse 10 correlates with Revelation 6
    • the great earthquake, sun, moon, and stars
      • throughout the Bible the words great earthquake ARE NEVER paired together unless in describing the day of the Lord (e.g. Revelation 6:12;11:13;16:18; Acts 16:26; Matthew 28:2)
      • All of these earthquakes are very destructive:
        • Acts – ROMAN Jail was broken
        • Matthew – The TOMB?!!??!! (corkscrew most likely)
        • Revelation – “was not since men were upon the earth” , “a tenth of the city fell and killed 7,000 -> results in God getting glory (also the only time God is given glory after a seal, trumpet or bowl.)

As you can briefly see, the end times are not gonna be pretty. Let me put it in perspective. The LARGEST earthquake OF ALL TIME was a 9.5 magnitude called the Valdivia Earthquake. It was devastating.

Brief Study

So now that I’ve gone through that, let’s go through Joel. The first chapter is mainly describing famine and some serious locusts. Joel is telling people to repent or else things are gonna get worse. Second chapter is more about the Day of the Lord and this type of army which in my humble opinion (IMHO) correlates with Revelation 19. The third chapter deals with the restoration of Israel. Here is where I think it mainly points to Revelation. I say that because everything the LORD promises them is also pictured as paradise in several other scriptures. Anywho, that’s my super short overview… I plan to have a deeper one at the end of the week, unless life happens XD.


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