(The following is only my personal opinion and should not replace your personal study of such things)

The Main Message: Be of One Mind & Keep Up the Reputation

The main verses which spoke to me were as follows:

  • Chapter 1 v. 19-20
  • Chapter 2 v.1-5, 12-18
  • Chapter 3 v.2, 17-19
  • Chapter 4 v.5, 8, 13

Chapter 1

  • v.9-11: Paul’s prayer for Philippi – our love and affection towards people must be grounded in knowledge and judgement
  • v.13-18: Due to his imprisonment Christians are becoming more bold
  • v.21: he is witnessing when alive and thus for Christ — if he dies it is pleasure and relief

Chapter 2

  • v.1: bowels ~ tenderness, compassion
  • v.2: like-minded ~ cherish the same views
  • v.3: lowliness ~ modesty, humility, deep sense of one’s littleness
  • v.3: esteem ~ consider
  • v.12: NO ONE can substitute our duty for our behavior towards salvation — make your faith your own
  • v.14: murmuring is a secret displeasure at a command & disputing is hesitation and doubting

Chapter 3

  • v.2: concision – boasted circumcision (those who boast through their circumcision
  • v.8: All earthly possessions are like dung when compared to God’s blessings
  • v.17: We should find GODLY examples
  • v.18-19: Those who aren’t should be avoided (see Romans 18:17)

Chapter 4

  • v.5: moderation ~ gentleness, patience
  • v.6-7: prayer ~ worship, earnest prayer & supplication ~ entreating
    • All mentions of prayer in the NT specifically is using both and or one of these… we are answered if we seek earnestly… not just once a month or whenever you think of it
  • v.13: Christ strengthens us in time of plenty and in famine

Whatsoever is …

  • true – conformed to fact
  • honest – worthy of repentance
  • just – acceptable to God, righteous
  • pure – sacred; free from defilement
  • lovely – acceptable
  • of good report – sounding well, reputable
  • virtue – moral goodness
  • praise

As I finish with my notes, I would like to repeat that these are my personal study gleanings and that they DO NOT substitute your own. The only resources I use is my KJV Bible, Blue Letter Bible, and sometimes Matthew Henry Commentaries (not often though).

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