A Sign

On the way to Maine, I passed through a little town called Williston. In this sweet town, I noticed the articles of our progressive age had infiltrated this little community. Besides it being a month known for people to show their pride of an unbiblical use of nature, I found it slightly disturbing to see the following scene while through this quiet country town. As we drove by I was unable to get a picture of that church, however, I was able to get the picture of the one down the road a bit.

My point is this. The church is saying it wants to be loving and accepting. Have you seen the church really affecting the world? or is the world affecting the church? There are two amazing quotes that remain true today.

We are called to love, yes, but Jesus didn’t accept someone’s lifestyle… He told them the truth no matter how raw it felt. You see if I knew a tornado was gonna hit your house, but didn’t warn you because I didn’t want you to be scare, that would not be loving of me to do. So, if I know that judgment is coming and that you and I have broken the rules, wouldn’t it be loving if I told you no matter how hard it is to accept? Some may think it’s loving to accept people no matter what they believe because they’ll have time, but is it really? I mean if I didn’t tell you about the tornado that night and you were dead asleep, you wouldn’t hear it until it’s too late. Church!! Believers of Jesus!! WE NEED TO TELL THE RAW GOSPEL TRUTH no matter the feelings that are hurt. By not telling them we are indeed doing the exact opposite of love, hate.

The biblical church is dying because we have compromised with this world in exchange for more numbers and a bigger crowd. You might tell me, well I’m not outspoken, or I’m not brave, or I’m not a missionary or evangelist. Pooh! You are indeed through Jesus who lives through you. Philippians 4:13 – I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Moses was not an amazing speaker, but God used him to speak to Pharaoh and deliver his nation. Gideon, he was a scaredy-cat who tried to wiggle out of his calling(Judges 6-8). Jesus told ALL OF US the great commission, not just certain people. A missionary is a person who tells the good news. We are ALL called to this. An evangelist is the same thing. It is just one of the most important things we will ever share with anybody. If you are reading this from a standpoint outside of the belief in Christ Jesus that I hold, I want you to hear this: If you don’t believe in Jesus, you have EVERYTHING to lose (Luke 16:19-31), if you do… you have everything to gain(John 10:10).

Once more, any of you who may be reading this that stand behind the flag I am referring to, I am not here to hate you. In fact, I am apologizing. We have shown nothing but hate towards you. Please hear me out. check out another related post

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