Decisions Have Consequences

Due to my lack of concentration the last couple of days, I was unable to publish this on time. However, I am still going to accomplish it even if it is “late” because it is a good message.

Amid the celebration of June 26 and the Supreme Court’s decision 7 years ago, I wanted to write a short essay on my thoughts regarding this. As all decisions go, this one had consequences. Good, Bad, and Indifferent as do all. I want to start with the facts. The decision 7 years ago was a win for the pride community. They were able to officially be recognized as a married couple through the state by being given a license. This made me wonder why we even need to have a license. After all, what does the state have to gain by intervening into the marriage of its citizens. At first, a marriage license was strictly for runaways who had no parental permission1. Nonetheless, soon the government, following England, used a license to prevent want interracial couples2. This in itself is just dumb; however, lots of things we do as humans just don’t make sense (where a mask when the virus can go thru???). Fast forward through history to 2015, now the state wants to make it law that a homosexual marriage may happen. The Good of the final decision is the “rights” which are now given to the homosexual community. The Bad is the desecration of the first institution which God created. God created man and woman to be married. It just doesn’t go the other way naturally. There is no way for the act of reproducing another generation, there is no true one flesh. It is a lie that is masqueraded as the truth. If you love someone you want their best interest. If a homosexual, and heterosexual, relationship is only for the other piece of meat’s enjoyment, then there is no real act of love but rather selfish indulging. I have never been or known someone in a situation to where they would wish to love someone of their own sex. However, I do know that the Bible refers to it as Sodomy (Genesis 18-19), Unnatural (Romans 1:26-28), and something that is just straight up abominable(1 Kings 14:24). Other abominations are lying, so I’m not saying Sodomy, or Homosexuality, is the “worst” sin. Nonetheless, it is still a wrong we commit out of selfish desires. One more thing before I close.

When the SCOTUS and the White House desecrate the first sanctified thing, also known as marriage, then they are in full rebellion against God.

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