When Did We Punish Bravery…

The other day I had words flowing from my brain. I had to write them or else I’d lose them forever. I’d like to preface this piece with a shoutout to my 3 Part post. The series originated from this poem/prose. All credit for the image goes towards my extremely talented friend, or else it would look like a 3-year-old’s masterpiece if it came from me.

The Poem Behind the Series

Our country is dying
Our faith dwindling
Our Bible reading is suffering
The flame is slackening 
The wax running out
Who will recognize
Who will cry for repentance
You? I? 
America IS in trouble

Sound the alarm
The ship is sinking 
S.O.S. is our condition
Hang the Distressed flag
Christians repent and then hold tight
Be patient and Go comfort with the shoes of peace
For the day of the Lord is Dark and Terrible
Whose light will not be overcome?
Whose garment will remain unsoiled?

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