Hey Stranger!

So I’m sure that plenty of you have been wondering when I was gonna post again. Sadly, my excuses are laziness since I have had plenty of writing ideas. School and health have gotten in the way, but it is mainly attributed to just straight-up laziness. Nonetheless, I have something I’d like to share and I’m gonna say it today before I put it off like all the others.

After reading my daily chronological Bible plan for the past two weeks I have seen a correlating message and one that runs parallel to the NT. Currently, I have been reading the major and minor prophets. Through these, I have seen the ULTIMATE patience of God and His ability to rightly judge. Over and over, JHVH is seen telling His people through the prophets that Judgment is coming and they need to repent. He explains His love and their sinfulness in constantly rejecting Him over and over again. He even tells Jeremiah to not have a family so he won’t suffer the judgment as much. Guys this is real! God talks about the Day of the Lord OVER AND OVER to the point where I don’t understand how people are so blind to HIs constant message. God is seen telling His people to return before their sin catches up with them. The sad thing is that we are just like the Israelites and there is no separation. Jeremiah 9:25-26 tell us along with several other passages that outward circumcision means nothing to God and that the heart is what needs to be circumcised. This is why over and over God tells Israel that they will be literally burned up in His wrath because they are only physically circumcised.

You see there is no separation spiritually between saved Jews and Gentiles. Isaiah and Jeremiah repeat over and over that God is fed up with His people. They worship Him but run to Baal when they are in trouble. Guys! We as Americans are running to politics and doctors to save us. Judgment day is a day of darkness and trouble. WAKE UP!!! The sun and moon are gonna black out. Evil is gonna rule for 7 years. BUT JESUS is coming and WILL DEFEAT AND BURN this sinful earth in His fury. Get right with Him before it’s too late. AMERICA needs to repent!! Jesus is longsuffering but He is ALSO JUST!!


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