Who Hit the Snooze Button?

Friday night I was convicted about my lack of posting on this website. Distraction is a major tool that I have succumbed to. I believe that anyone with a message becomes a target for silencing by Satan. God has a purpose and a calling for each and every one of you. However, Satan doesn’t want us to fulfill God’s mission since he wants to drag as many people as he can down into Hell with him. It is stated over and over in Scripture that God has given us specific tasks. Many Christians are numb to emotion and the higher calling of Jesus Christ, aka the Great Commission. They excuse themselves repetitively by declaring they have too much doubt, a lack of faith, or the normal fear. Look at the heroes of faith and see how much your excuses have grounds for standing. NF states it well in his songs Paralyzed and Oh Lord. We become paralyzed through shame and though our lack of courage. The more we sit by we become numb to the voice of God. So ask yourself the question from his lyrics…

When did I become so cold?

When did I become ashamed? 

Shame is a massive killer. I learned Friday night that the difference between shame and guilt is that guilt is what you have done, and shame is who you are because of it. You see, guilt can be passed to God like no big package. But shame… that’s a different story. Once Satan tells us who we are, we don’t know whom to trust.

 The fact that scares me is that Christians are so numb and paralyzed today that the church is just as bad as the world. We have become legalistic and cold. We have compromised. We have forgotten the sound of God’s voice. America was great at one time because of her pastors. Now, she is falling and crumbling as we speak due to those same people. The pastors are the ones responsible for the health of this country. America was founded on Biblical principles. The moment we take those away she becomes sick and looks to others for leadership. That is why we now have tyranny sitting in our public offices. That is why America has become Babylon. We have followed in Israel’s footsteps spiritually. Israel had Jesus… but then they ignored Him. Same with America. We pray for God to come back. He won’t, especially in the condition we are in. The church of America is cold and lukewarm. We are compromised and treat church like a box we checkmark or a building we go to for a social hour. We need to treat church as it is: a community of people believing the same thing and ACTING on it NO MATTER the COST. Early Christians had their troubles. For crying out loud, they were under Roman occupation. They were BURNED and HARRASSED IN THE GAMES. Yet what is our biggest complaint in America? We get our feelings hurt or our favorite brand of something is gone or over-priced at the store. Come on people! How come the Islamic and Hindu and Buddhists have more devotion than us? ASK YOURSELF THAT QUESTION. If you don’t feel any guilt maybe you should check yourself.

America needs to come out of hiding. Put off shame. Shame is just like grave clothes… we don’t own shame, it’s not personal. Jesus gave us a new identity when He was resurrected and when we accept Him as our Redeemer. Fight your fear with the spirit of love, sound mind, and power. Fear is an enemy and it is a spirit. IT ISN’T AN EMOTION. Stop disqualifying yourself. Moses, Gideon, and countless others did the same and got nowhere. Tear off your labels and embrace your God-given identity if you are a Child of His. We are going to get opposition. The harder you hit your enemy the harder he hits back. Measure your attack on the response. Peter denied the Son of God THREE TIMES!!! I am sure that whatever you have done is excusable once you have repented of it. 

America needs to wake up, but it starts with the TRUE CHURCH rising from their beds and saying I will, Send me. So who’s with me? None of us are perfect, but who else but imperfect people does God have to work with? Let’s stop hitting the snooze button. Darkness is captivating and coming for those who won’t keep their candle trimmed and their oil supply up. Stay up and Watch with the true church as the darkness comes and we prepare for the ugly storm on the horizon. After all, you only see stars at night.

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