Just A Thought…

Anyone who knows me knows that I like my music. I heard two songs while driving yesterday, and my brain fired off the post alert. Each song is packed with meaning if you listen to the words. I’ve found it hard sometimes to sing songs when I’m not quite sure of my agreement with them. … More Just A Thought…

Another Gospel

In my last post, I briefly mentioned why I find Christianity to be the wisest choice. Today I’d like to share my findings about the Mormon, AKA: Latter Day Saints, cult. Yes, it is a cult. Let me explain… I have been researching for a very long time on the Illuminati and the Masonic cult … More Another Gospel

Autumn Air

Cozy socks, fires, and hot cocoa. Sounds like autumn right? Kids love the season for its many carving pumpkins and the sugar rushes. I remember the days I spent jumping in the leaves and finding the sticks the rake had missed. Now I realize the futility in those things and glance ahead from this last … More Autumn Air

Thrown in the Furnace

Reading in our Bibles, we hear of the great tales of heroic people. Going to Sunday school when we were little, we remember things like David and Goliath; the fiery furnace; Jesus’ ministry, and His miracles. Yet, it was never emphasized that these were ordinary people like you and me. We grow up in church … More Thrown in the Furnace

He is Faithful

This summer was by far a very trying time for me. After losing two best friends, I struggled with what real friendships look like. I was reminded time and time again through the Bible and through others that God gives us strength. After visiting my childhood friends, I was reminded that I have an amazing, … More He is Faithful