Ask Yourself This Question…

After discussing and reading a couple of passages, I happened upon a video that discussed Revelation 21:8. This verse includes a very shocking word, “the fearful”. The Greek word for this is deilos which means timid; faithless; fearful. Thayer’s Greek Lexicon goes on to say, “Christians who through cowardice give way under persecutions and apostatize.” This word is used only in two other places, once in Matthew 8:26 and in Mark 4:40. Both instances use this phrase: “Why are ye fearful,”. After this, they each say a specific phrase but it sums up to you who have no/little faith. We who walk the Christian walk but are too scared to do God’s will, as mentioned in my last post, aren’t worthy of His shed blood. Something that has always pressed on my heart is if Jesus died for us why do we find it so hard to live and surrender to Him. I know this is short but I just wanted to share this for y’all to ponder on. Enjoy your night!

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