I’m Sure You’ve Heard…

I’ve been putting this post off for a bit but I need to do this. There are two big scandals out right now and it’s a lot more prevalent than we realize. I hope this blows up and goes viral (not my post but the information coming out). People have been trying to downplay this but it just simply can’t be. The first thing was Balenciaga and the second was Harry Styles. More is coming out about Walt Disney’s shady history. (FUN FACT: Walt Disney’s land was purchased for him by the CIA…) Regardless of whether or not this was a misstep on both occasions, there is no reason why fashion ads need those props. I’ll leave you to research on your own since I have a busy week at the moment with little nieces and nephews needing their awesome aunt. See ya next time with updates on this hot topic that needs recognition.

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