Gleanings from Control

Earlier this week I visited a Bible Study group with a very dear friend of mine in the heart of Texas. The topic was over control and its cost. I personally have discovered how freeing it is to have no control over certain, if not all, things. I have not been able to pinpoint specific areas of my life that I control but I’m sure there are at least two since I am human. I did want to share with you some mental notes I had written down and little lightbulbs that hit me during that night.

Although I personally reworded the Main Idea of the session into a statement structure that works for me, I will share:

If God is our true security source, then we won’t give in to the false sense of well-being, power, and peace that control offers us.

For me, this speaks volumes. Not only is it false, but it’s destructive. Here’s how:

Trust doesn’t allow for control. Neither does faith. By reaching for that fruit of control (Gen. 3), we make ourselves gods of our own circumstances. Thus becoming liars and making God a fraud and unreliable. We put ourselves higher than Himself by attempting to control our lives. By giving God control, we let the One who made everything control His own possessions: us.

– my little quirky mind

One last statement I want to share and then a calling for us all.

Control is not reading the instructions and expecting what happens when God builds it.

The call is — Focus on your relationship with Jesus Christ and do not try to fix others’ relationships. That said, do not ignore when you something they do that is off the track, but don’t control how quickly they get to the goal. Encourage through prayer…

Goodnight everyone

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