The Art of Life

Today I had the joy of going to an art gallery. I forgot how much joy I receive when I see someone’s pride and joy displayed. Something that struck me while seeing the magnificent pieces of art was the priceless quality of each. Each artist has a story to tell and when you look with your heart, you can see their story and their passion showcased. Another thing I found intriguing was the process of sculptures. I learned from the generous shop owner that there is no painting involved in the process but a meticulous process of chemical heating. She was a wealth of information and I could feel my soul yearn for their creativity. I thank the Lord we are His masterpieces at birth and I thank Him for His patience on refining me into the artwork He needs for His world.

The world is but a canvas to the imagination.

Henry David Thoreau

Artists I found intriguing and their work inspiring:

G. Harvey and Lester Sensat

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