Bubble, Bubble

Bubble, bubble

The water is troubled,

Something rises up in me.

It’s a spring of new water

flowing in my veins!

It’s scraping my rust and mold away.

All the icky coming to the top,

All the filthy flowing over the edge.

The troubled water made the settled mud rise and the water muddy.


The mud is surfacing and running over the brim.

Slowly the little spring bubbles and breaks into a fountain.

All of a sudden a forceful current rushes through

purging heart and soul and bone and marrow

Praise God (Yah) I can feel lighter as His River flows through

His power is in His Blood.

Take a drink from the well and you will never thirst again!

For you see,

that little bubble, bubble is bringing life to me.

Cleansing me and wiping me clean

His Love overflows my cup and flows over the brim into others’ cups.

Let them taste and see Jesus (Yahshuah) is good.

His water is clean and good to the soul

Bubble, bubble

the little spring, once a fountain, is now a raging river

I am overwhelmed and submerged in His care.

His Word soothes my chapped soul.

It was dehydrated but now it is overflowing into others.

Let the River flow in me and let the sediment rise and run over the brim so I may be His pure bride.

see video at 3:52:00 for visual… it’s a must watch!

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