Swelling: alive or dead?

Have you ever watched detective shows? Or an investigative series? Regardless, I’m sure we’ve all seen (thanks to the media, news outlets, and Hollywood) a dead body. You may know that when a body dies, it goes into a state of rigidness. It is called rigor mortis. (Inventive, I know.) There is also another stage of decomposition when the body dies. It is called bloating. Now, don’t worry. I will not get graphic since I am not even close to being an expert. Nor am I interested in forensics and all that jazz. I just want to use a couple examples for my point. (So please don’t contact me to help with your scientific tests 😉😂. We will not get far.)


Let us get to the point, though, shall we? When a body dies, it tends to bloat. It swells. We know it is dead. So how about other things that are swelling in our world. Church buildings are growing in attendance, but does that mean that they are alive? Does the swelling of numbers mean anything? Does it mean God is truly working? Or maybe, it is the rock concert style of worship, the coffee and donut station in the hallway, and the warm fuzzy messages. Just because some churches are big and sing good songs DOES NOT mean they are following God. Nor does it mean they are alive with His Holy Spirit. In fact, they might be plain ol’ dead. A rotting corpse that keeps people feeling good while their soul decays. (Sorry, a little morbid there…) Without God and His grace, there is no flame. There is no life apart from Him. It does not matter how big it is, or how many outreach programs it has, or even how cool the pastor staff is. What matters is the foundation. Are they built on the Rock? or are they built of self-reliance and the ever-changing demands of culture?

Psalm 127:1, Matthew 7:24-29, and Luke 6:47-49 all relate to building on a foundation. I won’t go too far into those verses, as that is another post. However, know this for now: Unless the LORD is in that church… it is in vain and is a social club with motivational speakers. GET OUT if it is not built on Him. Look for my next one… Fitly Joined. (It’ll be a bit)

Look for Spiritual Growth! Not physical growth.

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