The live stream from The River confirmed what I have been hearing countless times this week: expect resistance. I have been feeling huge resistance and confrontation as I dig deeper into the wells to which I have been called. Throughout the Word, wells are metaphors for the depths of the Spirit — searching for the Truth in Him. Jesus leads us to the areas where we must be breaking ground. We must be willing to be led to these areas and then be obedient to concentrate on breaking the ground, even if there is extreme resistance. Once we are led to the ground to which we have been called, we must prepare ourselves for the work by diligently seeking the Lord and be willing to be cleaned and purified.

Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.

Psalm 51:10

We are to diligently seek the Lord and dig. When the dirt starts to pile, we must maintain our focus on the water and the end goal. We are not to dig cisterns but wells. Cisterns are storage containers that require water to be poured into it. A well allows water from a groundwater source to be collected. The difference is that the well is directly connected to the source. Do not draw from the words of a pastor, a building, or a book respectively but draw your main source from the Words of Jesus Himself. The Word of Truth is the Bread of Life. Consume His words like the men of God who were given a scroll to eat, one they found sweet as honey.

And I took the little book out of the angel's hand, and ate it up; and it was in my mouth sweet as honey ~ Revelation 10:10

When we start to dig, we will get resistance. Things are starting to be stirred up. Prepare for the resistance. Resistance will come through ourselves in the shades of doubt or denial. We also get resistance through the world, for the darkness knows not the light. Lastly, we get resistance through the devil himself. Check the following chapters out in your spare time:

(ourselves) — Romans 6,8; Psalm 51; 1 Corinthians 6; Galatians 5

(the world) — Romans 12

One more thing before I finish describing what I gleaned to you, water will also resist you. The overwhelming call of God will sweep you away in the debris of life if we do not obey. We must intercede over each others’ wells and encourage through prayer. We must sing to our well in triumph. Listen to this song as you continue to read…

Do not give up when you see the water pooling up in the hole as you dig further into His love and His hidden mysteries. Wisdom and knowledge are like rubies and minerals, you must diligently dig for them inside the Rock. We must persist and push into the process of digging. Don’t stop when the Lord reveals something, keep discovering and searching. Just as a sprinter pushes the hardest in the last leg, so must we in the last days pursue Christ’s Word. Be filled with the Holy Spirit and let Him overwhelm you with the Lord’s presence and truth. When your breakthrough comes, repeat and keep pressing. Resistance means you are getting somewhere. It means you are getting deeper and the enemy is afraid of what you are getting close to. Do not forget that we only dig through obedience to the Lord and that Jesus alone provides the resources to dig. Apart from Him, we merely dig empty cisterns, not deep fulfilling wells.

Take back the Lord’s ground. The church has become sickly. Let us rise and be purged in His fire, coming out stronger and closer to God. Listen to this please:

Just as an arrow is pulled taught against a string, so too is our hope when we face trials. In the face of battle, resistance builds. Pulled back against our will, we become weary at the stationary position we find ourselves in. When all hope starts to lessen, we find ourselves relying in God’s strength as our heart fails within us. When we rely on Him, He brings us closer to His face, straightening His aim. We see His will for us as we gaze upon His Words in His scripture and lean into Him as an arrow is hooked taut on the string. Attached to the bow, we place our hope into the hands of the Lord as He uses our trials to pull us back closer to Him. Just as the string is attached to the wooden bow, so are we connected to the Rod, the BRANCH of Jesse. Praise Jesus we do not rely on a broken and decaying hope, but a young and everlasting BRANCH. Coming closer to His countenance, He releases us into our calling. The built up pressure and resistance we experienced, gives us the momentum to be released with power, flaming and lit by the Holy Spirit, into His purpose for us. Let us set aflame our world with His loving and RIGHTEOUS truth. Set a fire in our souls, so just like a single spark lights a fire we may light a fire with our mustard seed faith and spread a fire. The anniversary of Pentecost is coming. Will the church strengthen herself and repent of her sins of idolatry, adultery, materialism, entertaining false prophets, and not preserving the good in this world but letting there be divisions? I dearly hope so. Beloved, it starts with you and I. Repent of the dirt that shows up in your life as you dig. Dig into His Word and truth.

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