Heavenly Minded

Set your mind on heavenly things. When you enter a battle, you can do your duty correctly because you have the mindset that boot camp drilled into you. It is the same with the life we live. ( see post) There is a spiritual battle taking place. ( see my Job posts or you can … More Heavenly Minded

The Cleansing

As tears fall like rain, sorrow is felt permeating the air. Her charred and broken soul is cleansed and expressed as the tears fall unheeded. The rain around her washes the filth from the atmosphere, as her broken-heart is healed through tears. The booming Lightning and Thunder are likened to words which strike her from … More The Cleansing

Life’s Vapor

Every day we suffer from want. This life never promises anything, yet we demand what we don’t deserve. We choose fame, fortune, and familiarity. All of these are just vapors appearing as something eternal; yet they are only temporal. They will rust and decay like grass withering under the heat of the sun. Our souls … More Life’s Vapor


The world does not need more Christian literature. What it needs is more Christians writing good literature. ~ C.S. Lewis As you can see, I love to quote C.S. Lewis. He is definitely a favorite of mine along with other writers: J.R.R Tolkien, Lewis Carol, John Milton, Jonathan Edwards, and many other classic writers. I … More Literature